Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Protecting Your Stuff from Vermin filth.

Benjamin Franklin said: "An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure" Although Ben was not referring to the British pound sterling back then, which was worth several American dollars, I can tell you that if you don't take to heart, much of the free and valuable advice you find on our website and put into effect some of these recommended precautions, it will cost you many pounds of sweat and quite a few dollars to rid your home sweet domicile of any of the most popular American idol pests now plaguing all the boroughs of New York City, including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, da Bronx, Staten Island and all of Long Island.

Ben was considered a very wise man. You should listen to his advice. And mine, too. I see the countless horror stories before extermination. I know how to help you so that if you do find yourself a vermin victim, through no fault of your own, and in need of an exterminator's services, the job won't become an insurmountable household nightmare. I know I repeat myself quite a bit on this blog but I will tell you again: most people live like slobs. Clutter and debris everywhere. These people are vermin enablers. Roaches, cockroaches, mice, rats, spiders, and yes, even bedbugs (also know as bed bugs) love to live and hide in such a landscape.

You may be neat, clean and tidy but if your neighbor is a vermin enabler they can drag you into the pest fray. This is what really plagues most of my customers and is the question I get asked the most: "How did I get this: "
fill in the blank" pest problem?" In a city where we live practically on top of one another, it doesn't matter if you if you are clean and neat. You are as vulnerable as the weakest, sloppiest, link in your apartment complex or neighborhood.

There's another step you can take to make sure your protect yourself and your household goods.
Put everything you can in plastic. Yeah, I know, plastic gets a bad rap.... but in this case, it serves a defensive purpose. Plastic containers today come in just about every size imaginable. Especially stuff that is on the floor in closets. With snap lids. You can buy these for cheap at any Walmart, K-Mart or Target.

Put ALL towels, linens, and off season clothing into these plastic storage bins. If you are concerned about the plastic smell getting onto the fabric, simply use a plastic garbage bag as a liner inside of the storage bin.

You should also consider smaller food storage containers especially for rice, breakfast cereals, and dry potatoes for your pantry. Anything that comes in a cardboard box from the grocery store should be repackaged. Keep in mind that mice can chew through plastic bags. You want to use hard plastic containers for storage.

If you ever need to call an exterminator because of a problem in your building or neighborhood, your dry goods will
be protected.

If you already have the pest problem, wash, dry and store your soft fabric goods into plastic storage containers. The dryer heat kills most insect eggs. Throw out any food not stored in hard plastic containers that look like the box was chewed on.
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