Monday, January 18, 2010

The Longest Yard

January is the hardest month of the year to get through. It also seems like the slowest month. All the decorations and festivities are done, gone and away. If it weren't for the Super Bowl, January would be the most boring month of the year. Except for the freezing rain, the snow, the ice and possibly a nasty head cold, fever and chills. Many people get sick it seems right after the stress of the holiday season.

This is the time when you especially want your bed to be warm, comfy, clean and inviting. It never ceases to amaze us here at Connex how some people wrongly think that they are safe in the cold winter months from insects such as bedbugs or even cockroaches. They mistakenly think all insects thrive only in the warm summer months.

These insect pests to not take off for the holidays. They do not go on vacations, they do not fly south nor do they hibernate. And no matter how cold you might think your apartment is, it is warm enough to keep bedbugs reproducing all year long and since you are are their meal ticket, this is all they need to keep on keeping on. And guess what? The days are already getting longer by a minute or two a day which means as we head toward Spring, the city of New York blooms all kinds of pests.

They don't take sick days even if you do. And the bedbugs won't give you the much needed rest to recuperate if you should get sick this winter. And if you think you may have a bedbug situation now, it is not going to go away magically.

Bedbugs after they have a blood feast will take a slight break.

But that's about it.

They will be back and there will more of them.

Of this you can be assured.

This is what they do.

This is all they do.

(they sound like they're tiny Terminators)

You need professional help to get them out of your life and out of your home. Call Beyond Pest Control today, let us take care of your pest problem, whatever that problem may be: bedbuds, roaches, or rodents (mice and rats).

January is also known for linen sales which some women shoppers find exciting. As mentioned in a previous post, white linen is recommended if you think you have the beginnings of a bed bug infestation. White linen is easier to sanitize with hot water and bleach and it's also easier to see the bedbug spots which always show up if you have them.

So enjoy Super Bowl sunday with your friends , and not the pests.

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