Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The importance of a Bed Bug inspection for home and business

New York is a congested place, especially the metropolitan city of New York. The city is filled with high rise buildings as many families prefer to live in these areas because of work reasons and that they cannot afford yet to go for a suburban area. Of course city life has its appeal. Being part of this amazing city is like a dream for many. Actually, New York is a paradise for some and strangely some are not human. These critters live in the darkest depths and corners of the city, just looking for the opportunity to get in and take advantage of what you have inside your home, including you. They are not foreign to us. It’s just that they are specifically very prominent in New York.

City pests and infestations come in a variety of forms. You will find ants, flies, mosquitoes, rodents and of course, the ever persistent bed bugs. City pests are notorious in the area. The reason is that the people are used to moving to places all the time. Apartment living makes it more convenient for them to move from one place to another. Cannot live with the rent costs? Move to another apartment! However, chances are there will be some little critters lurking in abandoned apartment spaces. At a cheap price, sometimes, you have to live with that fact. However, event decent homes and apartments can be victims of these bed bugs.

The thing is living with these pests is not an option. Rats and cockroaches carry nasty diseases. If you ever have a great amount of these pests lurking around your home, chances are, they will go through your food and be dangerous to your health. Having them already in your home is like living in a messy house. It feels like you are not secure since there are critters ready to jump out on you. Rodent excretions can cause a lot of diseases. Cockroaches can also cause conjunctivitis. Imagine also the kinds of surfaces that rats and roaches go to. They could have been from sewage pipes, garbage dumps and city streets.

Another form of infestation is in the form of bed bugs. These are nasty little critters that in the middle of the nineties have reemerged as a nasty pest in massive numbers. They thought in the 1940s and 50s that bed bugs have been eradicated. Now, they are immune to old insecticides and chemicals. They are more rampant and they are ready to take a bite from any mammal blood again. Bed bugs are nasty because they not only suck your blood, they could also make you sick. Imagine the horror of hundreds of these small nasty insects sucking you at once. You could have anemia just from these nasty insects. You can also get other skin related problems.

The great thing is that here in New York as well as the neighboring New Jersey, pest control experts are there to give you the relief from such infestations. Pest control specialists have the tools of the trade for bed bug control. The good thing is that most experts use naturally occurring chemicals in various forms in order to eradicate them, but at the same time not cause any respiratory issues to the homeowners. In severe cases, heat is applied across the whole area since bed bugs can die in intense heat. Bed bug infestations are very rampant and each homeowner is responsible for their own space.

Of course even if you clean your home every day, there is still a possibility of having bed bugs most especially if you live in any areas in New York or New Jersey. Due to the fact that the homes are adjacent to each other, insects can crawl from one apartment level to the other and infest the building on a massive scale. As tenants who follow the rules and maintain the home safe and clean, it is your right to live in a pest free apartment. You should contact your landlord if you are suspecting a neighboring apartment from upstairs or downstairs if there are any infestations lurking out from their spaces. That is the danger of not taking care of the space, neighbors can and most likely will get affected. As a community, it is your duty to take care of you space and be conscientious about other people's welfare.

As for landlords and apartment building owners, you have a responsibility to inspect your tenants’ apartments and all the aspects of the apartment building. As an owner, you need to take advantage of the aspects to ensure that your building is safe from any infestations. You need to have an inspector or a pest control specialist to address the issues more effectively. Remember that tenants can file a law suit against a landlord if he or she does not do his or her part in keeping the apartment safe. Businesses can get shut down if the infestations are really big.

New York has some of the biggest infestations in the entire United States. It is not only in homes where the infestations can get affected, even in office spaces and commercial buildings, infestations can arise. From hotels to food businesses, infestations can cause massive problems to the quality of their services. A space that is unsanitary or is not maintained well, is thriving in humidity and with a lot of food items and organic materials left unattended or not stored well, infestations can damage the whole operation of the business.

Dealing with infestations is very difficult to do alone. Commercial products often do not work very well and they can lead to respiratory problems if not used properly. It is your duty to ask the help of pest control experts. They have training in a variety of pests and they know the best ways to handle the problem. Working with pests is their passion so it is best to have an expert handle the task of removing the pest for home. They also use professional tools to effectively eradicate the infestations in your home. Modern tools for pest eradication can leave you pest free for months. This is the kind of comfort that you need as a home or business space owner.

Aside from professional pest experts, you also need to be aware of your responsibilities. You need to make sure that your food items are always stored in secure places. Make sure to fill holes and any cracks inside your home to prevent ants and mice from entering and thriving. Clean the clutter under your bed and around your corners. Always clean your bed and do not clutter your bed with stuff, as that will give them more places to hide. Clean your carpets regularly or as instructed. Again, these things are pretty basic but you can benefit really well if you do them regularly. If you see that there are some pests in the halls of your apartment report the issue to the landlord. The same goes for hotels and commercial buildings. These pests can linger anywhere so it would be very possible to find one lurking in the most populous places as well.

Regular checkups for residential and commercial establishments are necessary and recommended. If you own a building, have a building administrator and a cleaning crew to handle the task of maintaining the cleanliness of the common areas. A clean space has little chance for insects to thrive since they do not have food for their needs. You need to make it a point to have routine checkups on your tenants and advise them to clean their homes regularly. Tenants can be evicted for being unsanitary since they can really affect the health of the people living in their area.

Pests are a massive problem in New York and New Jersey. You are not alone in this battle. Everyone needs to work on addressing pest issues in their homes and offices. Pests can live in the most inhospitable places. Imagine a house or an office these spaces could be paradise for them. Take care of your home as well as your family and your business. Having a home is an important investment. You do not need to live in a posh home just to live comfortably. Make it a goal to always maintain and inspect your house. They are ready to help you when you need it. If you have bed bugs and rodents, most pest control services are available 24/7. Most experts know that when you have bed bugs, you want them gone from your house as soon as you realize you have them. They can handle the task of removing the bed bugs, detecting them and ensuring you that these pests will be out of your home for months to come. There is a price to pay for pest control but for the comfort that it can provide, nothing can match that.