Monday, February 1, 2010

It's no secret that Americans are generous people. The recent Haiti earthquake tragedy proves my point and it doesn't matter which side of the isle you're from, left, right, liberal or conservative. All arguments aside, we do care. And as many of you know bad things can and do happen to good people.

But now for the first time ever, Beyond Pest Control has a very unique offer to help those generous individuals who have a caring heart to help those in need. And it doesn't matter when you donated to any of the icon groups shown on our webpage. If you find yourself in need of our extermination services, simply give us a call, show us your receipt for giving to one of the organization we sponsor and you can save money off your bill for our service to you.

it's really quite simple.
Pick a charity from one of the five on our webpage. Make a Donation.
Get up to $25 off any Beyond Pest Control treatment.

We will take off up to $25 from any Beyond Pest Control bill when a valid recent receipt is provided by the customer from one of the charities organization listed on our website. Example: if you donate $5, we will take off $5 off your Beyond Pest Control bill. If you donate $10, we will take $10 off your bill, etc, up to and including $25.

Call us today or visit our website at Beyond Pest Control if you should have any questions not answered here.
We look forward to saving your home from pests and helping to make the world a better place to live in for others in our world.

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