Saturday, September 26, 2009


Do you know what the shortest poem in the world is?
"Fleas - Adam had em"

No doubt Eve did too. And so did the bear where they got their winter skins from after ditching the fig leaves.

Insects have plagued us since time began. Just thank the Creator, of all that is good, that you are living now and not back then. All those generations of people down through history had to figure out through trial and error what worked and what didn't to live pest free in their caves and castles.

You, however, can simply pick up the phone and call us, CONNEX Environmental, and we can be there in most cases the same day, to stop whatever bug is plaguing you, be it fleas, roaches, bedbugs or rodents.

Autumn time is when many insects aggressively seek to extend their short lives by moving inside with you where it's nice an warm. Your home or apartment is their Florida vacation. Fleas are naturally attracted to Fido and will jump to hitch a ride on his or her's warm fur. Same thing will happen with purring little fluffy cat, if you allow your cat to roam around the neighborhood.

If your pet's immune system is strong, the flea will not like the taste of the bite it gets and will jump off usually into your rug or carpet. It may then try to bite you to see if you taste any better. Fleas will infest a pet with a slow or weaken immune system and the overflow of the flea population, eggs etc, will soon find its way into your household furnishings. This is why as you sit there watching TV at night, your legs get bitten. Those are not always mosquito bites.

"But I use flea collars!" Yeah, and where does the flea collar go? Around your pet's neck, right? Do you put a collar on it's tail end? Guess what? That's where the fleas go. Get a fine tooth flea comb and check the back end of your pet. If you see movement or the comb reveals dirt.... that's most probably flea dirt or poop. By the time you figure out your cat or dog has fleas doing a flea dip bath or buying flea collars is too little, too late. Are you gonna put a flea collar on your sofa or your carpet? Besides many of the chemicals in those products are extremely harsh and can potentially harm your cat or dog's immune system making the situation worse. Some pets even have sensitive skin allergies to flea collars.

A flea infestation is difficult to remove and is best left to a professional exterminator like CONNEX Environmental. So do yourself and your pet a favor and call us now to get rid of your flea problem.

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