Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bed, Bugs & Beyond

Linens & Things That Creep In the Night?

Didn't one of those retailers just go out of business? .... but bedbugs certainly haven't. In fact, just like the last major economic depression of the 1930's bedbug growth charts are up, up, and away unlike most 401K's.

If you even remotely suspect that you or a closely connected neighbor has bedbugs, my suggestion is to buy white linen. No, not the perfume, but white bed linen. Get rid of your fancy patterns and dark colors, just use white or off white bed sheets. Inspect them DAILY.

Bedbugs may not feed every night... but if you've been bitten, and then you see brown or reddish stains on the linen, that is not from a mosquito bite. Mosquitoes bite you and fly away. You have the start of a bedbug infestation. Call us, Connex Environmental, immediately. Do NOT try to do it yourself. This is one job that is best left to the pros, and we, at Connex Environmental, are those pros.

We answered the call, when other exterminators had no clue and were caught off guard by this scourge. Connex Environmental ran into buildings that were on fire with infestations when others were turning away bedbug customers for lack of fighting knowledge. In fact, don't be fooled by fancy gimmicks of bedbug sniffing dogs or freezing bedbugs. Dogs are sweet, trainable, obedient animals. But they can be trained to sit and you have no idea if that "sit" means you really have bedbugs or not, unless the human handler confirms the presence of bed bug with his own eyeballs.

And on some other city blogs it's been said that the handler takes the dog's sit for gospel and just begins treatment. You don't need a canine unit to know if you have bedbugs unless you feel like paying extra for the dog's prime rib dinner. Just a trained licensed human being. After all, when it's all paid and done, the dog won't do the extermination job, the person will. So, why pay for both? And the human gets is happy with a dirty water frank for dinner.

The ONLY place it would make ANY sense to use a bedbug canine unit would be in a hotel lobby or hospital where there's been a problem. Because of the high traffic of people coming and going daily, these places are in the path of the bedbug super highway. And if done wisely and discreetly, none of the guests would ever figure out that the cute little beagle was anything more than a mascot.

After you get your white bed linen, I strongly suggest you also contact us about a specially designed mattress protectors. These not only protect you and your family after a bug treatment. But these soft covers are also good for people, kids especially, with allergies.

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