Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Quick Explination Of Our Process

The steamer

We use a dry steam machine, it sounds like an oxymoron but it uses more heat and less water to generate 275 degrees of dry steam. We will heat up walls, dressers, night tables, couches, doors, chairs, any and all furniture. In addition, we also include quarter rounds, window frames, Doors or anywhere in the room where a crack or crevice might exist. The process has two functions: 1) To kill the bedbug 2) To force them out of hiding. Imagine if you are taking a gallon of water to represent the pesticide, and pouring it on a couch. There is no way that you get to every spot on the couch and to every crack and crevice; there are just too many layers. Now use the same principle, and let’s use a quart of steam at 275 degrees. Literally, we inject the wand in one side of the couch and it shoots out at the other side getting into every crack, every crevice, and every fold. It goes into every part of the couch freeing the couch of bedbugs without destroying it or doing any damage to the couch. Generally, the couch looks like it was just cleaned. No pest can survive, including dust mites.

The chemicals

First, we use a contact killer which does what it says, it kills on contact. Second, we use a long term residual pesticide that will continue to kill long after we’re gone. The third chemical in our kamikaze is an IGR which stands for insect growth regulator. It stops their hunger, growth and reproduction. Last, but certainly not least, we use a synergist that bonds with the pesticide and does two things. 1) Doesn’t allow the bedbugs to have any natural defense to pesticide and 2) Doesn’t allow the pesticide to break down as quickly as it would without it.

The Dust

We use a silica base pyrethrum that pierces their skin and turns them off like a light switch. We will pump this powder inside electrical sockets, light sockets or any existing holes in the wall. Electrical circuitry such as televisions, stereos, and alarm clocks will also be powdered inside. The Silica base pyrethrum does not do any damage to the circuitry and protects it from infestation.

The Cover

If needed, we will also encase mattresses in bedbug proof liners and also encase the box springs.

The Silicone

We will seal any crack and crevice using industrial strength silicone in any area we feel bedbugs are coming from.

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