Friday, May 21, 2010

Lets Talk Carpet Beetles

Welcome, Well New York it’s been a while but I most certainly didn’t forget about you guys! We here at have most certainly been very busy. Today I have decided to talk about a very shady and secretive pest, the carpet beetle (yes people that what we call them here). The carpet beetle also known as Attagenus Megatoma or the black carpet beetle is one very destructive little pest. I don’t know what is worse; the fact that it destroys fabrics or that there is two types. The other type of pest, because I am going to refer to them as such is called Anthrenus Verbasi, either way they are both most certainly disgusting.

These two pests are normally outside in the adult stages of their lives but they lay their eggs inside of your house and on your clothing. These unwanted buggers ruin your minks, chinchillas, animal trophies, and even hides. ( for those of you that don’t know what an animal trophy is, it’s that animal head that some people mount on their walls and looks creepy). So ladies who own those expensive furs watch out because these nasty pests will destroy you luxurious coats and anything else made of fabric or fur.

So New York make sure that you are super careful because these are horrid pests and they will sneak up on you because they hide inside your clothing. Believe me they will find a way into your things and they will ruin everything you own. Here at, as always know pests and these I feel are the worst of the worst pests in the entire world.

From our family to yours carpet beetles are annoying so if you see something roaming around in your closet believe me it isn’t lint. Carpet beetles are ugly and may lay up to 100 larvae so imagine a closet full of 100 ugly squirming beetles YUCKIE! The only weird thing about these pests is that when they become adults they go and live outside and they lay eggs on your minks, funny huh. Fortunately they are found mostly in Virginia but don’t think they won’t show up in NY. So ladies make sure you are on top of everything (as we usually are) but especially your winter clothing, that’s the one we normally don’t check due to the fact that we tend to forget about it because we don’t use it.

Having said all of that I hope this mini-blog can help you out in your future endeavors and we hope to keep you away from these pests because they will absolutely ruin all the clothing that you own. The best thing that I can say is that you seal all of your clothing in vacuum bags because that way nothing can penetrate them. Well NY we hope we have helped you here at Beyond Pest Control until the next blog NY we will see you soon! Bye Bye New York we all hope to write soon.

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