Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer time and the living gets easy

Not only for us but for certain pests that get into our homes very easily because our guard is down, so we forget that millions of insects every where are also hatching, reproducing and enjoying the longer, warmer, weather. They simply pick up right where they left off in late autumn. And because we're not paying attention, we provide them with the good life.

One is the very common but nasty housefly. The other, is a seemingly innocent little moron that can hitch a ride home with you from the grocery store produce section... the annoying fruit fly (or drain fly)

These are two pests that you can get rid of by yourself. The first way is by preventative means. the second way is reactive and unless you're diligent, much harder.

One is to simply bring down and keep down your window screens to keep the houseflies out. Repair torn screens and make sure they are in their tracks. Because once these dirty little suckers get in... it's like having your own private trench coat wearing pervert, exposing itself everywhere you turn in your home. And this pervert carries it's own suitcase of germs and diseases.

Turn your back for a second on that dee-lish-us deli plate you were about to chow down on and you'll all of sudden find this "fly-guy" doing all sorts of unspeakables to your tender ham sandwich. And he just flew in your window from that steaming pile of dog poo just below your windows. Not to worry though, it was fresh poo.

So, unless you're into some serious girl watching from your high rise vantage point and insist on keeping those window screens open for a quick sneak peek at those bubbly Double D's walkin' by down below, you will have to take reactive measures by hanging those very ugly but very effective sticky fly tapes in appropriate spots around your apartment. Over open garbage cans or cat litter boxes, near open windows. Just make sure the tapes don't get stuck to your head while ogling the spring time lovelies.

As for the fruit flies -- I'll share with you a very cheap and effective method for eliminating those "all of a sudden" "everywhere at once" bugs as well. You'll love this tip especially if you have a ton of house plants.

stay tuned....

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