Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Death Star (my website) is now fully operational..."

Say goodbye to New York Bedbugs.... they'll have to move out to Connecticut to be safe. I'd normally pick on New Jersey here but the "natural" chemical pollution there keeps them somewhat safe for now.

That road kill you see on Jersey Turnpike aren't all raccoons, ya know. What...  You've never seen a 20lb bedbug? Well, neither have I exactly, but if they did exist... it wouldn't surprise me to find them here in the Empire State.   The little jerks have been running amuck and have now been put on notice.

CONNEX has declared war.  And we have the ammo for the fight. Not just to kill "them" but also keep you and yours safe in the process.
More on that in future blogs...

Seems like it took an extremely long New York minute, but my web site is now up and not only looking good but it's also a well oiled machine. What that means to you (as my customer,) is a smooth as glass navigation website.

This new improved website will make it easier for you to find exactly what you need to know
quickly.   Whether it's just to pick up the phone and yell 
"HALP! Come save me!" 
or if you're looking for professional DYI info on the best way to do a thorough extermination job. This info section is a work in progress.... 

so stay tuned and check back often.

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