Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fun Facts About Rats

* Rats have an excellent sense of smell, as a result they've been used to pioneer the fields of landmine and tuberculosis detection. It's also the reason they know when you've left the bread out of the pantry.
*A group of rats is called a mischief... I wonder why?
*The rat is the first animal on the Chinese Zodiac.
*Female rats can mate up to 500 times with different males during a six-hour phase of "receptivity"—a state of openness which she will experience about 15 times per year.
*A rat cannot perspire. Instead rats use their tails to control their body temperature by contracting and expanding blood vessels.
*Can a rat survive being flushed down the toilet? Yes! Rats can tread water for up to three days!
*Tired of trying to lure that mangy rat with gouda and brie? According to a study performed by founder of the Animal Behavior Society Martin Schein rats have a list of fave foods which include but are not limited to scrambled eggs, Mac and cheese, and cooked corn.
*Some cultures idolize rats. In Deshnoke, India, a Hindu temple dedicated to the rat goddess Karni Mata is home more than 20,000 rats which are believed to be reincarnations of the goddess and her clansmen.


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