Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Bed Bug Advisory board

There is a bed bug advisory board that was put in place by Mayor Bloomberg for the city of New York. This advisory board was created to address and control the spread of bed bugs in New York City. It produces reports that entail recommendations on how to deal with the bed bug issues in commercial and residential sites. The bed bug advisory board has many other great purposes besides that, it tracks infestations thru out the city, how to dispose of the items that are beyond repair due to an infestation. It also includes a list of rights and responsibilities for tenants, and landlords.
The bed bug problem we are facing is on such a large scale that even other cities have introduced a bed bug hot line, all landlords are required to release all information regarding bed bug issues in their unit, there’s also a soft ware to track all of the bed bug complaints, information sites in a several different languages, there is a mandatory protocol and inspection in regard to the sale of new and used furniture, also they established a centralized database for all exterminators. According to statistics there was a 34% increase in calls this year in comparison to last year. According to reports some of the Mayor’s friends also have bed bugs, all the more reason for the mayor to push such an advisory board. Ms. Renee Corea is the speaker appointee and public advocate of the Advisory board she says “the purpose of the board is to make specific recommendations to the mayor and city council for the prevention and treatment of bed bug infestations throughout the city.”


  1. I remember my mom telling me "Don't let the bedbugs bite", and I always thought they were myths - like that monster in my closet.
    Then a couple of years ago I got them - took me weeks to figure out what was going on.
    Then I got them again! The first time was moving into an apartment, the second after an overseas trip. They hard to spot, and harder to get rid of.
    Afterwards I started a blog on my experience, and the best product I found that gave me the knowledge and plan to get rid of them.

  2. when I sit in my grandfather's old chair I felt itchy on my legs and when I look at it turns red. then I saw little beetle moving and it was a bed bug. so I get a insect spray to get rid of that and it inculcate in my mind not to sit on that chair again. and also I had an experience on stink bugs. really creepy.