Saturday, August 22, 2009

BedBug Wargames

Listen and listen good. There's a reason why I am a professional exterminator and you're not. We may both hate bugs and where you may get lucky and kill a few, me and my CONNEX crew kill tens of thousands. Daily.
Now just as much as I appreciate a good referral from a satisfied customer, I have to tell you there is one ignorant action that many people are doing that is bringing more customers my way than I can shake a stick at....
to know what I'm talking about, just continue reading.

Some people resist the idea of spending the money to hire a professional because they think that they can do it themselves on the cheap. Well they got the cheap part right, for short term. But if anyone out there reading this thinks that one of those insecticide bombs is gonna save them from nightly bedbug feasting on their flesh, I can guarantee you they will cutting their finger nails very short so as to not scratch the skin off their limbs within a week of them setting off that fog bomb.

THEY DON'T WORK! This is what happens.... the bedbugs retreat, temporarily, and mostly to laugh at you.... maybe they go to your neighbors apartment if you live in a building.... only to feast on grow strong.... but be assured: they'll be back. Even if you live in a private unattached home... they can quite down and wait for up to a year with out food (you). So what are you gonna do? Poison yourself, your family, and pets, weekly, for a year, setting off "cheap" fog bombs? At this point in time, method has become expensive not to mention ineffective. That which does not kill them, will only make them stronger.

You don't have the weapons to fight this plague. CONNEX has the big guns. We have the experience, we have the knowledge. We know what we are doing. We attack with a three level program...... steam, a proprietary blend of FDA approved chemicals.

Plus, if requested we can cover, zip and seal your mattress in a special protective case that not only protects against bedbugs finding that safe nook or cranny to hide in..... but this cover is removable, washable protects against dust mites allergies. Your mattress will actually be a safer, cleaner, better place to sleep for having us
visit your place.

Call and ask our CONNEX representative for more details.

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